Jędrzej Kowalewski

12314092_1520794334900334_6221621083206489993_nJedrzej Kowalewski, a man capable of doing everything. In project DREAM he is responsible for sensors (thermocouples, tensometers and vision system). In overall, he’s helping in everything and tries to keep good atmosphere in the team – at least that’s what he says. He was participating in project FREDE for 4 years, he was the founder of scientific section Lambda and worked in scientific section Robocik, so we can meet him everywhere, where something material is being done. Jedrek doesn’t have one life idol – there’s just too many of them – but he admits that from a long time music and life wisdoms of Jimmy Page accompany him in his life. For no doubts, Jedrzej is the most mature team member, which doesn’t mean that his normal and serious. He’s proud of the fact that he recently got married and took a photo from ozonosphere.