Dorota Budzyń

12279112_1521380184841749_5362059224296043282_nDorota Budzyń is a leader of a DREAM Team and a constructor. As a mechanic she gained a lot of experience in Scorpio, FREDE and Space is More. Dorota in 3 words? Redhead, ambitious and optimistic. Dorota never let somebody tell her something is impossible. In her free time Dorota eats or hangs out with friends (probably also getting something to eat Emotikon smile ). She loves to travel, but admits that she doesn’t know if it is for sightseeing or local cuisine. Our team leader values good books and films, especially when action takes place in outer space. Dorota is satisfied with the fact that she manages to achieve her goals. Do you think Dorota will cope with challanges posed to her by the DREAM Project?