Monthly Archives:March 2016


New sponsor – Igus


We have a new sponsor! We established a cooperation with Igus company and first parts for our prototype module had just been delivered!




After PDR

We just finished PDR (preliminary design review). It was as always perfect, every team member showed class and knowledge in front of experts. We strongly apprieciate precise questions and useful tips made by specialists. Tommorow we will post photos from ESRANGE tour.


First tests

We’ve just tested laser vision system to prove its effectiveness! See you in 2016!


DREAM onboard

We’re flying! We just received official info from European Space Agency that DREAM project got qualified to REXUS/BEXUS programme and flies in 21st REXUS. There will be a lot of hard work and dedication on project, but there’s not much we wouldn’t do for our DREAMs. Emotikon wink


First publication

We lived to see the first publication on a national scale! Article about DREAM project was posted to Polish Press Agency website! Only 7 days to the announcement of Selection Wrokshop results, cross your fingers!,407552,dream-czyli-studenckie-marzenie-o-kosmicznym-eksperymencie.html


Meet The Space

Man cannot live by project alone! On the last weekend of November we are heading to Meet The Space conference in Kraków. We will meet a lot of specialists, but what’s more important, a lot of specialists will meet our DREAM Team. We are planning to participate in few very interesting lectures, however in the meantime we will talk to experts from various fields about our project. Are you also planning to Meet The Space? ;D



Are you curious what the DREAM project is? DREAM – DRilling Experiment for Asteroid Mining is a project, which aims to check the drilling process in microgravity conditions and in vacuum similar to the space vacuum. In this experiment we want to examine the distribution of the mining outcome, thermal aspects and last but not least, we want to build a machinery, which will be able to work in such harsh conditions. How do we want to launch our experiment to the height which will allow us such examination? It’s simple: we put in for REXUS programme (Rocket EXperiment for University Students), coordinated by European Space Agency. Our experiment captured attention of the judges and we were invited for the next stage called Selection Workshop. It focuses on presentation about the project in 1st to 3rd of December in ESTEC, Holland. If we pass all the other phases of the programme in March 2017 our dream will come true and real DREAM experiment will be launched to almost 100 km by a rocket. Will you cross your fingers for us?