DREAM in numbers

One Goal

DREAM is the first experiment to determine the conditions of asteroid drilling.

Magic 7

Team consist of seven people. Each team member is a specialist in different field. Some of them already accomplished space experiments.

90 km

The atmosphere is thinnest above polar regions of Earth. This means Experiment DREAM will reach space for a couple of seconds.

5 kg

From cables to motors everything must fit the tight 6 kilograms of mass, our experiment is ony five! Flying to space has its costs.

120 s

From start signal to landing whole flight takes less than 6 minutes. We have only 120 seconds of spaceflight and microgravity. The Experiment must perform during this two magic minutes.

21 g

REXUS rocket motor can take you to space in less than 2 minutes. This means DREAM equipment must withstand 21 g of acceleration before gaining mach 5 speed. After that it still has to do his job.


Updates on our work

By Jun 6, 2016

ESA Mentor

With pride we announce that Koen De Beule became our patron and he will support our team during every step of project development (especially wit

By Apr 19, 2016

Support from Wimarol company

Our sponsors list is growing bigger. Recently we gained support from Wimarol company which helped us with water cutting services to deliver key m

By Apr 9, 2016

DREAM development weekend

Project development weekend in Milicz results with huge progress in DREAM Project. We polished SED, assembled experiment frame and we are proud o

By Mar 13, 2016

DREAM teaser nr. 1

Check out our new video. How do you like it? :)